A best practice followed by Family Businesses Worldwide who have a Matured Family Office to support them is to frequently rejigging/diversifying their investment portfolio for risk adjustment / strategic repositioning into the Emerging Landscape for Preservation / Multiplication of Family Wealth into the Future.

While scouting for Best Options, the Family Offices Globally have found that Bleeding-Edge Exponential Technologies based Moon Shots  ( Aiming For a Lofty 100x Return ) have emerged as the best investment options in the recent Kondratieff Evolution Cycles that track Global Development Cycles for their Progress, Impact and Bullish / Bearish Trends. All Moon Shots have an Billion Dollar Scale impact on the Way We Work and on our Economy, Culture, Environment, Health and Well-Being and hence contenders of 100x ROI.

Moon Shots can be classified into the following two types :
1) Moon Shots Around Doubling Patterns 
2) Moon Shots Around Latest Business Models ( Collaborative Commons ) 

Some of these are evolving at a rapid pace, some will take longer to grab hold.

A very Systematic Tracking Methodology ( Doubling Patterns, Moonshots, Collaborative Commons ) is required to ascertain the stage of development and if their time has come ? Such methodology shall help you reap the maximum benefits in the short/mid/long term perspectives thereby truly identifying a Potential Moon Shot.

Based on such analysis, Low Hanging Investment Opportunities which are about to go mainstream / anticipated to go mainstream in the next 1 month - 10 yrs. horizon are available for your investment consideration.

Such 21st Century Organizations that thrive on MoonShots / Collaborative Commons are called LimitLess Organizations (LLO).

The Leaders who can foresee / invest such MoonShots / Doubling Patterns / Collaborative Commons or use them to Transform their Family Businesses into LimitLess Organizations are called Exponential Entrepreneurs.

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