Holistic Solution to COVID19

Recent research by authors on the paper, “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2,” which include Robert F. Garry of Tulane University, Edward Holmes, of the University of Sydney, Andrew Rambaut of University of Edinburgh and W. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University suggests that SARS-CoV-2 originated through Darwins theory of natural selection and not genetic engineering in a lab.

The modern evolutionary synthesis, which marries Darwin’s theory of natural selection with Mendel’s genetics, was developed around the same time as quantum mechanics.

When Einstein build his field equations to relate the geometry of space-time with the distribution of matter within it, he smartly coined the term space –time to what was referred to as Ether by his predecessors like Galileo and Lorentz who were also theorizing relation between Darwins natural selection with transformation of time spatial coordinates. Time is / was happening within this transformation of living/non-living matter ( aka-space).

In their last days, Tesla and Einstein both were working on the Unified field, the Physics behind all matter.

Everything made of matter can be destroyed by attacking the physics behind it. If atoms molecules and sub atomic particles ( mesons, besons, quarks, gluons, baryons, hadrons, muons, leptons, photons, neutrinos, gravitons etc) wouldn’t bind with forces of physics, their genetic natural evolution through the constructs of intronic DNA ( interface with natures physics ) leading to expression of our living form through extronic DNA based genetic material would be impossible.

What evolved in the physics of space time that we have this coronaviruses emerging since 2003 is worth pondering to bring the world which looks at reality from broken silos on to a common perspective.

Building on where these great scientists left, we are working on furthering the physics behind matter. Our efforts on vaccines, testing and immune systems are towards defeating the pathogens not just at the matter level but also at the physics level by healing humanity and the environment that supports human life.

How the physics of our immune system is our biggest defence against COVID19 ?

We have listed here all the factors that influence our immune system and how to strengthen them.

Components of our immune system

1. Immune System : (What is the immune system made of and where does coronavirus hits us).

i. Innate Immune System

ii. Adaptive Immune System

iii. Interferon System ( SARS COV 2 hits us here)

iv. Microbiome system.

2. Factors effecting immune System .

a. Sleep (How to sleep and why does the immune system make us sleep. How to REM sleep which is the best sleep state where immune system works at its full potential.).

b. Diet — Which diet will strengthen what part of the immune system especially interferon System.

c. Exercise. Which exercise is best for Immune System. How exercise triggers the intronic DNA to make our genome expression devoid of pathogen physics.

d. Stress Busters — How beta brainwave state is most stressful and weakens immune system. How to progress from beta brainwaves to alpha to theta to delta to overcome stress.

Some of these articles are undergoing updation with more findings being added to makea database of all wisdom that can help “BEAT THE ENEMY VIRUS” . Please keep visiting them for recent updates.

Spread awareness and create wisdom.


  • Looking up for more updates

    Neerja Sekhon
  • Looking up for more updates…

    Neerja Sekhon

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