Preparing your Country, Federal, State, City, Community, Medical Supplies / Hospital Chains to…

Preparing your Country, Federal, State, City, Community, Medical Supplies / Hospital Chains to Fight COVID19

Pandemic Preparation: The current pandemic COVID19 is a very unfortunate situation to the world which suddenly finds its healthcare and economic systems under tremendous stress.

Almost on the verge of collapse.

We sprung into actions and have demonstrated our leadership to suggest various countries with following three pronged strategy and drive the action needed to fight this pandemic.

a. Strategy 1 -Vaccine / Faster Testing (Our Life Sciences Assets are working day and night on this and very close to solutions)

b. Strategy 2 -Strengthening the Immune System (Right Vitamins and Nutritional Support with complete understanding of innate and adaptive immune systems and danger of co-morbid conditions)

c. Strategy 3 -Life Protection Systems (PPEs and Medical Supplies)

Scientific Basis To Defeat an Unseen Enemy.

As can be seen from the enclosed IHME model based data from all the states of US and various countries, the peak of the virus is expected around end of June.

Enclosed are the forecasts which show

1. Hospital bed use.

2. Need for intensive care beds.

3. Ventilator use.

These Coronavirus — COVID-19 — visualizations imports the data and categorizes it for the whole world.

The spreadsheet keeps automatically up to date as it imports confirmed coronavirus cases data from Johns

Hopkins CSSE and The New York Times, and region data from Statistics Times and WikiPedia. Thus it gives at any moment the number of cases and its stage in the viral cycle. This is for our ready reference to decide the states in USA and in other countries in the world that we want to target and support based on the severity of the spread.

These numbers are due to COVID-19 based on projected deaths for the United States, at the country and subnational level, and countries in the European Economic Area (EEA). Forecasts at the subnational level are included for three EEA countries: Germany, Italy, and Spain. Other countries data is under compilation.

These projections are produced by models based on observed death rates from COVID-19, and include uncertainty intervals. They incorporate information about social distancing and other protective measures and are being updated daily with new data. These forecasts were developed in order to provide hospitals, policy makers, and the public with crucial information about how expected need aligns with existing resources, so that countries, states, cities and communities can best prepare by procuring the needed PPEs and medical supplies at the time most relevant.

The hospitalization stage is the last stage of the cycle after which either the patient recovers or dies.

The entire cycle from PPE protected to not infected, to tested , to infected, to admitted , to treated to death has to be supported with the 25 products we have identified across the cycle. Since hospitalization is the last step of the viral infection, it is important to understand that prevention shall be the first step always. So our products list has been culled out on the basis of all that is needed to support the mitigation of the virus. As we progress from the phase 1 to next phases we have to reach out to all decision makers within your network to keep your communities safe.

COVID19 Supplies

Our close study of the various stages of the growth of this pandemic based upon the IHME model helps predict better the need and time of life saving interventions.

The idea here is that till the time we don’t have a potent weapon to combat the enemy, a strong and effective shield is the best bet to protect yourself.

Without wasting much time we have reached out to the shield (PPEs/ME) manufacturers world wide within our supply chains and have secured supplies to meet and support the requirements of the States, Federal Departments, Local Governance Units, Medical Supply Chains and Hospital Chains.Within our global family office network, we have ownership of assets which produce the raw materials for the manufacturing of various PPEs and medical equipment’s ( ME) needed to fight the pandemic.

This gives us the control over most of the PPEs and medical equipment supply chains.

Our analysis has led to the categorization of the PPEs and medical equipment’s into 7 categories with 25 most important life saving products as shown in the attachment.

These areneeded as ammunitions to Fight the Pandemic COVID19.

Quality Assurance-

  1. All products are all FDA / CE certified.

2. All manufacturing bases within our supply network in Asia and Europe is NIOSH/ISO certified.

3. Total capacity of manufacturing that we control is from 100 Mn to a Bn plus units.

4. Current shipment options are FOB Shanghai, FOB Shenzhen, FOB Guangzhou. FOB your country is also possible as we are chartering most private charters available. We have 3 options of direct charter, part shipment charter and a combination of sea and air.

5. The lead times are 7–10 days from the day of order placement.

It’s a very difficult time.

And since we have access to global supply chains, we have aggregated huge quantity of PPEs and other medical supplies needed to fight this virus.

While we are working with the governments and embassies of all countries, we are passing this information to you and all in our network to help reach this to the people who need it.

If you have access to federal, state, local authorities, medical distribution chains, hospital chains and such institutions around you or those you know that should be equipped with these medical ammunition please share with us.

Your timely alertness will equip the communities around you the most to fight this threat.

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