The Great Reset — Repurposing Impact Investing around Moonshots That Solve Pandemics and Worlds…

The Great Reset — Repurposing Impact Investing around Moonshots That Solve Pandemics and Worlds Problems.

Safe Harbor — All I write in my books, posts and articles is on how we absorb science in real time and build business solutions around them. And my articles are dynamic as in updated almost daily for new knowledge. So if you dont read them all everyday, you would not be recent ……

While the world prepares to navigate the dangers from the 2020ND PHA ( potentially hazardous asteroid ) we have initiated the MOON SHOT to repurpose gravity to beat these threats from the outer universe. Please read here my points that I discussed with Elon Musk to build solutions.

Leadership Is About Doing Things — To Serve Is To Lead.

And leadership has to have strategic impactful intent to deliver its true potential. Moonshots do not become money making entities staying aloof from worlds problems. But which problems to track and solve. Learn here how we use a doubling patterns tracking mechanism to grab the right MOON SHOT

How To Institutionalize Success In Building Solutions for The UnKnown
Money is a byproduct of solving worlds problems. We are working on all the moonshots mentioned here. So if you have the moonshots to these WORLD problems reach out . We believe if startups are directed into the way the fundamentals of nature work, success is institutionalized. We laid down our roadmap of the moonshots with Industrial Revolutions which are meaningful as stated here Then we embarked on a journey to DISRUPT WORLD’s problems. This is how we have done our best to serve the human cause since the beginning of lockdown to make the world a better place by eradicating worlds problems.

And nature is the canvass on which technology based solutions shall always take humankind to the next levels.

With the vaccines round the corner, we are gearing how to distribute them to billions of people. Do not trust any fearful news that the journalists chasing a story write. If they understood science, they would be much more useful to spread awareness and hope.

To unleash the power of natures canvass and realize it through technology, going digital is necessary and urgent. There are 3 dimensions to be fully DIGITAL in order to beat World’s Problems.

1. Computers / Cloud Operating Systems — Hence the Microsoft Investment ( 2 Bn under negotiation ) with us.
2. Mobile Operating Systems — Hence the google investment of 4.5 Bn with us.
3. Social Media Operating Systems — Hence the facebook investment of 5.7 Bn with us.

For devices the foundational elements are VLSI Electronics Chipsets. We are working on partnerships with INTEL and QUALCOMM….In my engineering days, I did not realize that my project on speech synthesis would become a very important part of Computer Vision Synthesis we are in the process of building. This is foundational to quantum computing.

On top of the above foundation we are building the following PLARTFORMS as our warchest to beat WORLD’s problems.
1. 4G and 5G technologies. ( 4G deployed and 5G stack ready )
2. Quantum Computing / Cloud Computing. ( 14 Data Centers already being built. High end research in Quantum Computing )
3. Devices and Operating Systems. ( As mentioned above )
4. Big Data Analytics. ( major acquisitions done to deploy impactful solutions )
5. Machine Learning and A.I. ( major acquisitions done to deploy impactful solutions )
6. Virtual & Mixed Reality. ( Devices launched at AGM )
7. Block Chain ( 1000 Nodes all over the country and capable to support world )
8. Natural Language Understanding. ( major acquisitions done to deploy impactful solutions )
9. Computer Vision. ( major acquisitions done to deploy impactful solutions )

While at my International Business Education in Japan, my major project was the foundational elements of the in coming of 4th Industrial Revolution. And I was fortunate to work with Jeremy Rifkins the American economic and social theorist who pioneered impact of scientific and technological based Industrial Revoltuions on the economy. We believe that INCLUSIVE growth is fundamental for a sustainable future and following dimensions of a prosperous society we shall rebuild with 4th Industrial Revolutions based infrastructure.
1. Media. ( reinventing how we inform/entertain and not torture the amygdala. We plan to extend our 70 digital properties to billions of people )
2. Financial Services ( reinventing how we fund INCLUSIVE GROWTH )
3. New Commerce ( reinventing how we consume by organizing retail and online to offline integration with new age stores.)
4. Educaton ( reinventing how we develop mental cognitive constructs for improved productivity and inventiveness )
5. Healthcare ( OMICS based systems approach integrated with epigenome impact )
6. Agriculture ( reinventing how we farm to unleash food security )
7. Smart Cities ( reinventing how we live safe, secure and healthy )
8. Smart Manufacturing and Urban Mobiltiy ( ( reinventing how we produce and move goods/services/people )

We plan to deliver INCLUSIVE growth to every life on the planet with following Five accelerators of of digital connectivity
1. Mobile broadband.
2. Jiofiber Home Broadband.
3. Enterprise Broadband.
4. Broadband for SME.
5. NB-IOT.

My Executive Education at Insead Fountainbleau Paris gave made me realize how money chases value .

And when we build models of exceptional value, we got all the money in the world with partnerships from World’s largest sovereign wealth funds ADIA , Mubadala of the UAE and PIF of Saudi Arabia and with Financial institutions of the like of Silverlake, Vista, General Atlantic, KKR, TPG , L Catterton.

Together from all the financial instruments and partnerships we have raised 25 Bn USD in the last 2–3 months.

Building a Better Planet
The first three Industrial Revolutions based on fossil fuels disturbed the natural Carbon Cycle on Planet Earth. The Fourth Industrial Revolution with digital, electricity and hydrogen has the opportunity to repair and restore the Carbon Cycle. We have pioneered algae technologies to convert CO2 to oil within an hour and we have begin combining it with carbon sequestration.

We will build an optimal mix of reliable, clean and affordable energy with hydrogen, wind, solar, fuel cells and battery.

The New Energy business based on the principle of Carbon Recycle and Circular Economy is a multi-trillion opportunity for India and the world.

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