Top 100 Richest Hockey Players

Hockey is considered as one of the most fast-paced contact sports ever created. Just like the many big sports league, it is also another team sport that has many followers. It has attracted fans from all over the world, not only in the countries that experience thick ice in the cold months. Due to its popularity, it is often regarded as the official winter sport of Canada. However, despite being popular because of the action-packed plays and overeager fans, it is also a fairly dangerous sport. Players who choose to play professional hockey can face various risks, such as mental health issues, strains, bruises and sprains. The risk of suffering from injuries resulted in most players receiving handsome salaries. Despite the risks, some of the professional hockey players have become the richest in the world with the hefty amount they receive every season. They even get some of the hottest endorsement deals. Two years ago, the NHL implemented salary caps that led to skyrocketing net worth of several well-loved players because it has boosted their salaries. Consider also the way they dominated the rink and you will see how they achieved their wealth. The richest hockey player in the world have achieved premier status with the growing competition in the sport. Current hockey players who are in the limelight include Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, Anze Kopitar, Carey Price, and Patrick Kane, to name a few. The sport also has produced countless of superstars, such as Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe. Hockey seems like a better career move with the opportunity of making a living. Ever wonder who the richest hockey players in the world are? Check out the list and see if you will also consider getting into the sport.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Wayne Gretzky
$200 Million 57 Canada
Mario Lemieux
$150 Million 52 Canada
Chris Pronger
$75 Million 43 Canada
Joe Sakic
$70 Million 49 Canada
Joe Thornton
$70 Million 39 Canada
Pavel Bure
$70 Million 47 Russia
Marian Gaborik
$64.1 Million 36 -
Paul Kariya
$62 Million 43 Canada
Keith Tkachuk
$60 Million 46 United states
Nicklas Lidstrom
$60 Million 48 -
Alexander Ovechkin
$60 Million 32 Russia
Phil Kessel
$59 Million 30 United states
Patrick Marleau
$57.7 Million 38 Canada
Jason Spezza
$55.9 Million 35 Canada
Martin Brodeur
$55 Million 46 Canada
Wade Redden
$53 Million 41 Canada
Brian Leetch
$50 Million 50 United states
Daniel Briere
$50 Million 40 Canada
Brad Richards
$50 Million 38 Canada
Steve Yzerman
$50 Million 53 Canada
Thomas Vanek
$48.2 Million 34 -
Pavel Datsyuk
$47 Million 40 Russia
Brian Campbell (NHL)
$45 Million 39 Canada
Alexei Yashin
$45 Million 44 Russia
Ryan Suter
$45 Million 33 United states
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