Our Businesses

64-Supermart is setting the course for long-term value creation through accelerated growth and stronger profitability with a simplified and leaner company structure. The 64-Supermart of the next generation will be inspired by its purpose and will be connected by its Ownership Culture. The main aim of the Vision 2020+ company strategy is to give 64-Supermart’ individual businesses significantly more entrepreneurial freedom under the strong 64-Corp brand in order to sharpen their focus on their respective markets. Below the Group level, there will be Four Operating Companies, Three Strategic Companies and Six Service Companies. The realignment will enable 64-Supermart to sharpen its customer focus and orient its activities on the requirements of the industries in which it operates.

Each business tailors its unique value proposition to the needs of customers in that particular market. We manage our businesses in a decentralized, autonomous manner so as to ensure we remain close to our customers, focused and entrepreneurial.

Our global business portfolio includes a wide range of brands in 

Operating Companies 

  1. JungleJovi Marketplace
    1. Luxury Marketplace
    2. Fashion Marketplace
    3. Wealth Marketplace
Strategic Companies 
  1. Spaceorgan - Health and Wellness - Longevity, Nutrigenomics, etc , Renewables Power , Transportation, Interstellar, IT / Telecom, Super Materials, Future City Solutions, Recreation.

Service Companies 

  1. 64-Supermart ( Global Family Office Services)
  2. Accelero (Early Stage / Real Estate Fund Services) 
  3. Fascinating Finds (TMT) 
  4. BuildingBrandYou (Consciousness Engg for Impact) 
  5. LimitLessThink  (Exponential Organizations) 

Corporate Development

  1. Next 2050
  2. Portfolio Companies
  3. SCM
  4. IIOT

Our portfolio of commerce brands helps us connect people through technology to create more opportunity for all.

Our Marketplace platforms include our online marketplace , its localized counterparts and the 64-Corp mobile apps, which are among the world's largest and most vibrant marketplaces for discovering great value and unique selection in luxury and wealth category.

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